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Knowle West Media Centre


Carolyn Hassan, Director
0117 903 0444, 07968 114 496,
Leinster Avenue, Bristol, BS4 1NL

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Knowle West Media Centre is media arts and technology organisation that runs Bristol Living Lab and KWMC:The Factory and We Can Make – A citizen led housing programme. We run a wide range of creative programmes engaging diverse people in co–design, co-production and co- creation processes in order to achieve positive social change. Although operating locally in Bristol, specifically in neighbourhoods facing economic and social disadvantage, we share our learning and collaborate on projects regionally and internationally.

What we offer

As Bristol’s Living Lab, Knowle West Media Centre supports people from a range of backgrounds to come together and develop new ideas, tools and technologies. We offer a “real life test and experimentation environment” – a place where citizens, technologists, businesses, public sector organisations, academics and artists can come together to co-create and test ideas, tools and products that address societal challenges including health, mobility, inclusion and sustainability.

Our Living Lab is; our community of 5,500 households and our experience of working in the community for over 20 years, our resources that include a purpose built straw bale Media Arts Centre, KWMC:The Factory a digital manufacturing and making innovation space situated in Knowle West Green Business Park, and our networks. These extensive networks enable us to draw on skills and partnerships that contribute to the learning and success of our projects, these range from European Network of Living Labs that supports our international work, to the Knowle West Alliance that enables us to work effectively locally. In 2018 we were recognised by Creative England as one the top 50 National Disruptive Innovators, and our We Can Make (citizen led housing programme) was named as one of Nesta and The Observer’s top 50 New Radicals.

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