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Fiona Cromwell, Marketing and Communications Officer
01225 824103,
Dept D1 Wolfson Centre, Royal United Hospital, Bath, BA1 3NG

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Designability is a national charity transforming the lives of disabled people and those living with a long health term condition. We are a team of engineers and designers with a passion for creating life-changing assistive technologies. We carry out original research and create products that help people who are facing challenges every day. We want better technology to be more accessible to everyone. Our team follow the principles of human-centred design which means that everything we develop is done in response to what people tell us they need. Our aim is for people to achieve greater independence and happiness in their lives.

We create great looking, easy-to-use products that go beyond basic functionality. And we partner with industry to help as many people as we can – we’ve transformed over 250,000 lives in the last 50 years. As a charity, our mission is to get the right products into the hands of those who need them. We build prototypes and develop new products in response to specific needs, in the hope that our products will inspire new markets to blossom.

What we offer

At Designability we have a proven track record of developing and commercialising out own successful assistive technology products. We use human-centred design, working with a rich network of users and carers with a wide range of disabilities and needs to ensure that the products we design are usable and desirable. This unique user-centred approach has lead to innovations such as Day Clock and Simple Music Player.

We offer tailored consultancy services to individuals and businesses who are aiming to develop or deliver products and services for disabled people, ad those living with long term conditions or age-related impairments.

We have expertise in working at all stages of the design process, from Discovery and Ideation, through Iteration to Implementation. Our iterative design process enables you to reduce your commercial risks by getting the design right earlier, and the direct insights from users ensure that your product really will meet the needs of your users. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team has a wide range of expertise, with backgrounds including engineering, product design, user engagement, occupational therapy, commercial exploitation, manufacturing and more. We can provide the right combination of people to support your product development.


Our services include:

  • Engaging with you stakeholders to understand their needs.
  • Translating user needs into design requirements.
  • User engagement and testing at any stage of your design process.
  • Expert usability evalution of products (including instructions) at any stage.
  • Engineering and product design.
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