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What is hyvr?

hyvr is an online social media platform for healthcare users and healthcare innovators to meet, discuss, collaborate and co-design new healthcare ideas, products and services. In short, crowd intelligence.

hyvr stands for: Have Your Vision Realised! Whether you are a patient, a carer, a clinician, an inventor, a small-medium enterprise (SME), a mature business, an academic, a healthcare worker, a voluntary sector employee or volunteer or a citizen of any other flavour, this is your opportunity to contribute to new product design, identifying need and share your views and ideas.

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What can I do on hyvr?

hyvr was designed to enable healthcare users and healthcare innovators to embed crowd intelligence into new healthcare ideas, products and services.

Once you register on hyvr, you will be able to find and chat to others with shared interests by joining and creating hives, or by chatting 1-1 with other users. You will be able to co-design and collaborate new ideas and products with other innovators through our “collaboration” function.

You will be able to get feedback from people with lived experience on your products and ideas as they develop, or create polls and surveys to gain greater insight into particular areas.

You will also be able to link your account, ideas and products to your organisation, so that users know more about your services and solutions.


Who can register on hyvr?

Anyone! There are no restrictions, either by location or role.  In fact, the more diversity of users on hyvr, the greater its power to contribute to change.


How can hyvr help me at work?

If you’re working on a project that requires collaboration, hyvr is the tool that can facilitate the conversations required for success. Whether its collaboration between organisations, end users, or those with lived experience of a health condition, hyvr is designed to make collaborating on projects easier than ever.


How is content in hyvr organised?

Content on hyvr is organised in topic groups called ‘Hives’.  You will find many different hives already on hyvr, a range of different health and care topics.  They can be found through the on-site search facility or looking through the Health Topic (parent) categories on the ‘Hive’ page.  Note that the word cloud displayed in each Health Topic or Hive window is dynamically made up of its content, so you can decide whether to delve in further or ‘Follow’ a hive.

If you ‘Follow’ a hive, you will receive any new content posted into the hive on your home screen feed, so you can easily keep up to date.  You can also set your preferences (under ‘Edit Profile’) to receive email notifications when content is posted to a hive you are following.

If you can’t find a Hive on a topic that you are interested in, you can create a new one.  When you create a hive, it defaults to be ‘public’ which means that others can find it if they search for it.   There is an option to create your Hive as ‘Private’.  This hides the hive from any public search and people can only join the hive if you, as the Hive creator, invite them.  This is a good option if you are working on a project with a specific group of people that is not open to the public.


What is different in hyvr compared to Slack, Facebook, Workplace, NHS Futures (Kahootz)?

While there are lots of other co-working platforms available, hyvr is the only one that was designed specifically for collaboration on healthcare products and projects. It’s features were created to facilitate discussions aimed at refining ideas and products for the healthcare system.


Is there any cost to using hyvr?

No! hyvr is completely free to use and engage with, whether you’re a user, an innovator, or an organisation.


How is hyvr funded? Are there any adverts?

hyvr is also completely ad-free. The platform is funded by the West of England Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), which is one of 15 AHSNs around the country focused on healthcare innovation in the NHS.


Will my data be shared, sold or mined?

Your data will be stored securely by the web developers behind hyvr; CyberMedia. It won’t be shared with, sold to or mined by any other third party.


How is hyvr being used?

The West of England AHSN is working with four voluntary sector organisations who are using hyvr to power community engagement for their innovative projects.

The hyvr platformenables each organisation to broaden links with their communities, encouraging collaboration and information sharing, as well as exploring the possibilities that the social media channel brings.

The four projects are varied, you can read more about them in this news article.

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