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The National Healthcare Expo

26th November, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes

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The National Healthcare Expo, which is being held on 26th November at Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, will highlight the key trends and challenges facing the sector, while also offering practical advice, as well as showcasing the latest innovations and developments in best practice, and the technological solutions available to healthcare individuals and organisations as they seek to improve patient care whilst reducing costs.

The UK has deservedly earned a reputation for being a world leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnical investment and development. The National Health Service alone employs more than 1.5 million people and the overall healthcare community contributes £70 billion annually to the British economy.

With its comprehensive programme of conferences, seminars and panel discussions combined with a vast array of exhibitors, the event serves as a national forum for members of the healthcare community across the UK to gather to discuss pressing issues.

Regulatory compliance, patient-centric care delivery, digital transformation and financial sustainability remain high on the agenda within the UK healthcare system and its related sectors. In addition to addressing these topics, the National Healthcare Expo will also look at the implications of the shift away from providing sick care for patients when they become ill to focusing on offering healthcare to support well-being, prevention and early intervention. It will also highlight the benefits of adopting ‘smart’ working methods such as fully embracing a digital approach to information management.

The National Healthcare Expo, which incorporates a number of complementary, co-located events, covers the full spectrum of the healthcare industry in the UK. The co-located events include:

– The National Medtech & Biotech Summit;
– The National Pharmaceutical and BioPharma Expo;
– The Lab and Clean Room Show;
– The National Lifesciences Expo.

The National Healthcare Expo and its co-located events will showcase the latest technologies that are impacting and transforming the way in which the healthcare ecosystem in the UK operates. For example, it will demonstrate how digital technologies are supporting the healthcare system’s moves to new models of patient-centred care. Conference speakers and exhibitors will cover a range of new technologies that are helping to improve diagnosis and treatment and enhance the patient experience, such as Blockchain, RPA, Cloud, Artificial iIntelligence (AI), Robotics, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Virtual Reality.

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