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Managing furlough and beyond: an employees guide

8th July, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Why is this time particularly challenging with regards to employees and furlough? Understand the critical findings from furlough fear report. What does this mean for furloughed employees? (including tools and...

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Evaluation Online Network

The Evaluation Online Network is a virtual group for anyone interested in evaluation. It was set up by Pam Moule, Professor of Health Services Research (Service Evaluation) at UWE, and...

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Investment Activator Programme

This pioneering collaboration between private and public sector organisations has been put together to help catalyse investment into fast-growing startups in Bristol, Bath and the West of England. The first...

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Assisted Living Action Network

The Assisted Living Action Network is an important platform for businesses, healthcare professionals, service user groups and academic researchers to stimulate the development of innovative assisted living products and services.

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TechSPARK is a not-for-profit network dedicated to connecting, educating and strengthening the digi-tech cluster in the West. We work with tech and digital businesses from Startups to Scaleups, SME’s to...

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Medilink South West

Medilink South West supports innovation, new product development and diversification into the sector by providing focused events, identifying potential research and commercial opportunities and providing details of the latest funding...

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