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Create Open Health

We have teamed up with not-for-profit organisation Creative England and The Wellcome Trust to launch Create Open Health. This new healthcare initiative is an open call for digital or technology-based solutions, which could be implemented within the NHS and health sector to support the mental well being of young people in the UK.

Urszula Kapoulas
Innovation & Adoption Project Manager


Applications for the Create Open Health Programme closed on Sunday 31st March 2019.

Who could apply?

We were looking for innovative cross-sector digital and tech ideas to answer these challenges, from those who have ideas to give but not always the opportunity nor the means to build them into something real.

We wanted talented people to apply with remarkable propositions, rooted in a technology or digital approach, that could directly support and empower children and young people, their caregivers, or their community – in building resilience and supporting positive mental health.

What will it cover?

In exchange, successful applicants were offered the chance to build on their ideas during an intensive two day development bootcamp and hackathon – with technical expertise provided to develop the digital tech behind the idea. We also gave applicants guidance in actually implementing their idea within the healthcare industry or network such as the NHS, guidance on financing their idea, plus we will provide ongoing support in the form of technical and business development expertise – plus the chance to secure investment too.

Successful applicants attended a 2-day business and idea development bootcamp in Bristol on 26 & 27 April 2019

Other information

We welcomed any idea, rooted in a digital or technology offer, that you think would have a positive impact. More specifically, we looked for solutions that:

  • Support social inclusion and build resilience in children and young people
  • Empower young people to take control of their mental health, or to help
    the well being of them and their peers
  • Help parents, schools and communities to identify the early signs of mental health problems, and to support each other
  • Improve access to quality of care and expand the information available to children, young people, their caregivers or their community through the use of digital products
  • Help address the stigma associated with poor mental health and mental health conditions
  • Improve young people’s experience of mental health care

For more information, please email Urszula Kapoulas at

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