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How we work

We work with innovators that have ideas and products that have the potential meet the needs of the health care and system. We know the NHS and we understand innovation, our role is to bring the two together, helping Innovators understand the NHS, and helping the NHS realise the potential of innovation to transform health and care. We want innovators to realise the potential of their ideas.

The NHS and social care are complex landscapes and can be daunting markets, our aim is to broker the relationships and introductions necessary to support innovators and companies, and ultimately support the spread and adoption of needs-led innovation.

We have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the healthcare innovation pathway – from seed-funding and incubator support for new product development; feasibility studies, user testing, clinical trials and evaluation; through to commercialisation, procurement, spread and adoption.

We work with innovators at all stages of the pathway to develop a pipeline of promising innovations in the West of England.  We start by assessing what stage they are at, and what support they will need to get to the next stage of development. If we can offer support, we will, if not we will be able to signpost to other possible sources of support.

If you would like to find out more about how we might be able to support you, the first step is to fill out our engagement form 

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